Smack A Swine

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Juegos Entretenimiento Arcade Familiar
Desarrollador Liam Edward LLC
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Smack A Swine

All the media hype about Swine Flu got you down? Here is your chance to get back at the innocent little buggers. Who cares if they are to blame or not. Take some aggression out on them, go ahead we won’t tell anyone. Smack A Swine is a fun hearted addictive finger tapping game. Smack the swine and gain points, but watch out for the cows. Try and beat your last score. It’s a great way to pass the time and kids will love it also.

The object of Smack -A- Swine is quite simple. As animals appear on screen, tap the pigs and boars to gain points while avoiding the cows. Each pig is worth 20 points and each boar acts as a multiplier.

Smack-A-Swine now has two great game play modes: Quick Play and Level Play.

Quick Play

In addition to gaining points for each pig or boar hit, each cow hit will deduct 100 points from your score. There is no limit to the amount or cows you can hit, however hit too many and you run the risk of a negative score. See how high you can run up your score in each 30 second game. There are 4 difficulty levels, easy, normal hard, and crazy.

Level Play

Unlike quick play mode, level play mode has no set time limit. Instead, the game ends when either five cows have been hit, or you go 10 seconds without hitting a pig (boars and cows are NOT included in the time constraint). On the bright side cows will not deduct points from your score. As the number or pigs you hit increases so does your level. With each level up, the game becomes more difficult. As the game progresses, more pigs and cows will appear allowing for greater scoring, but the time they remain on screen decreases making them harder to hit. See what level you can make it to, and how high you can run up your score in each game. If you hear a rooster crow hurry because you are close to 10 seconds without hitting a pig

Good Luck.

No Pigs where hurt in the making of this this game. Oh! and we were nice to the cows As well! Mooooooo!